Simply Peel Away Graffiti in Seconds!
Graffiti Guard film Protects Glass Windows, Mirrors, Acrylics, Polycarbonates and Stainless Steel from all forms of graffiti!

Statistics show that vandalism costs Americans over $1 Billion annually. From spray paint and markers to etching and acid graffiti, property owners are in constant battle against this menacing threat. Now there is finally a solution to combat today's growing vandalism problem.

• 4-12 Mil thick, optically clear, distortion free, 99% UV Rated and Green friendly.
• Adheres to glass, mirror, stainless steel and other non porous flat surfaces.
• Easy to install and removes clean with no glue residue.
• Sold Pre-cut, by the roll or installed by us. No minimums and fast turn around.

• 6 Mil thick, optically clear, distortion and outgas free, 99% UV Rated and Green friendly.
• Adheres and protects acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces.
• Easy to install and removes clean with no glue residue.
• Sold Pre-cut, by the roll or installed by us. No minimums and fast turn around.

Great for Polycarbonate Windows, Modesty Panels, Windscreens, Movie Poster Cases, Gas Pump and Transit Station Machine Screens. 

Our Hard Water Guards are clear, pre cut film that installs on exterior windows and protects your glass from unsightly hard water spots (Calcium and Magnesium build up). This film is extruded from Polyester and coated, thus the "Hard Water" doesn’t etch or absorb into the film nearly as fast as it does on glass. It is meant as a sacrificial coating to be changed out after a substantial amount of bus washes leaving the glass with a “New Like" appearance in minutes vs. having to polish or chemically remove spot build up.

Perfect for drivers Window and front door glass where hard water can obstruct the Operators view of mirrors, pedestrians and road.

Simply Peel Hard Water Away!

This new product contains 4 layers in a single sheet. This saves you time and labor in reinstalling a new sheet every time the surface is vandalized.

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This Patent Pending product was initially designed to solve a common problem with Stainless Steel in general public environments.  Typically Stainless Steel is the metal of choice to resist corrosion and rusting from the elements as a cladding or building material.  However as durable as this metal is, it is easily damaged by anything abrasive including but not limited to sand paper, keys and screwdriver like tools.  With that said, a vandal could tag¯ their name into a panel of Stainless Steel with minimal effort and cause epic damage.  Since Stainless Steel is pre-finished at a factory with large format machinery to give it a polished grain appearance, repairing damage by hand in the field is virtually impossible to achieve without having a refinished or repaired look.

Metal Shield is a 6.5 MIL thick Anti-Graffiti Abatement and Obscuring film to be applied on existing metal surfaces to replicate the original.

The solution - Metal Shield. By preparing the Stainless Steel and installing over the damage our 6.5 mil thick film that replicates the appearance of original Stainless Steel you are rendered a clean new protected surface.  This film is thick enough to protect the substrate from normal damage if it was to be vandalized again and or cover up existing damage while making the surface look new and factory finished. Our Metal Shield utilizes a proprietary adhesive strictly designed to bond strong enough as to not be removed by the general public but easily removed by a trained technician without leaving any adhesive transfer on the metal surface. 

Stainless Steel is just one of many finishes that Metal Shield is available in.

Great for Bathrooms, Transit Stations, Public Map Cases, Elevators, Escalators, Table Tops, Schools, Lockers and Hospitals. 

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